This pipeline is used to declare SQL tables which will not be included in the SPIP back ups.

It is called from the lister_tables_noexport function in the ecrire/base/dump.php file. It accepts a parameter and returns as output an array containing the list of database tables not to be backed up:

$EXPORT_tables_noexport = pipeline('lister_tables_noexport', $EXPORT_tables_noexport);

By default, certain SPIP tables are already excluded, these being the tables used for statistics, searches and revisions.


The "Géographie" plugin uses this pipeline to nominate not to export its SQL tables that contain the geographical data (these are very large):

function geographie_lister_tables_noexport($liste){
	$liste[] = 'spip_geo_communes';
	$liste[] = 'spip_geo_departements';
	$liste[] = 'spip_geo_regions';
	$liste[] = 'spip_geo_pays';
	return $liste;

Author Mark Baber Published : Updated : 12/03/23

Translations : English, français