This pipeline is used to modify or complete the contents of the pages in the private interface that are used to display objects, such as the page for viewing an article.

It is called during the life of any object in the private zone, by passing the type and identifier of the object in the args parameter, and the HTML code for the object view in the data parameter:

$fond = pipeline('afficher_contenu_objet',
	'data'=> ($fond)));


The "Métadonnées Photos" (photo metadata) plugin adds a photo usage graphic and the EXIF data underneath the description of the JPG images which are attached to the current object, using the code shown below:

function photo_infos_pave($args) {
	if ($args["args"]["type"] == "case_document") {
		$args["data"] .= recuperer_fond("pave_exif",
			array('id_document' => $args["args"]["id"]));
	return $args;

Author Mark Baber Published : Updated : 12/03/23

Translations : English, français