The syntax of the templates

SPIP uses a syntax to write templates which has a limited vocabulary but which is also extremely rich and modular in nature. This syntax, defined explicitly in the ecrire/public/phraser_html.php files, contains elements such as: -* the loop ("boucle" in French)
... before content
... for each matching element
... after content
... else content
-* the field or tag ("champ" and "balise" in French)
[ before (#TAG{criteria}|filters) after ]
-* the argument ({args}, |filter or |filter{args} on tags) -* criteria ({criteria=param} used on loops) -* code inclusion
-* placeholders ("idiome" in French) (language specific character strings)
-* polyglots ("polyglotte" in French) (<multi> used throughout templates and in user text)

Author Mark Baber Published : Updated : 12/05/17

Translations : English, français, Nederlands