The plugins cache

There are some cache files specific to plugins which are also created in tmp/ or in tmp/cache/. {{{plugin_xml.cache}}} The results from analysing the various plugin.xml files is stored in a cache in the tmp/plugin_xml_cache.gz file. This file is created when the list of active plugins is changed by the function ecrire_plugin_actifs(), which calls the function plugins_get_infos_dist() from ecrire/plugins/get_infos.php to manage the retrieval of data for a plugin. The file can also be deleted, as for numerous cache files when updates are made to the database structure. {{{Plugin load files}}} Plugins typically declare files for options, functions and actions to be executed for pipeline calls. All of the files to be loaded are compiled into 3 files, recalculated whenever the plugin management page is accessed at ecrire/?exec=admin_plugin, when the cache is manually emptied, or when there is an update to the database structure: -* tmp/cache/charger_plugins_options.php contains the list of option files to be loaded, -* tmp/cache/charger_plugins_fonctions.php contains the list of function files, -* tmp/cache/charger_plugins_pipelines.php contains those files used for the functions to be executed for each pipeline.

Author Mark Baber Published : Updated : 12/05/17

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