The balise_NAME_dyn() function

This function is used to execute the processes to be performed when a form has been submitted. The function may return a character string (which will be displayed on the requesting page) or a parameter array which indicates the name of the template to retrieve and the compilation context.

The processes

This article will not address these operations for 2 reasons:

  • the original author of this article (and the translator) does not completely understand how it works,
  • it is not very useful since SPIP includes a simpler mechanism called "CVT forms" (Charger, VĂ©rifier, Traiter), in English: (Load, Verify, Process) which also relies on this function but in a transparent manner.

The display

Whatever the function returns is then displayed on the page. An array indicates a template to be called. It generally looks like this:

return array("template_address",
	3600, // cache duration
	array( // context
		'id_article' => $id_article,

Author Mark Baber Published : Updated : 12/03/23

Translations : English, français, Nederlands