Polyglots (multi tags)

A <multi> tag (in the HTML sense of the word), usable both for templates and in content written by editors, makes it possible to select a particular piece of text based on the requested (or currently default) language. It’s syntax is:
<multi>[fr]en français[en]in english</multi>
This means that multilingual elements can easily be written within templates without needing to use language codes and strings as discussed in previous articles in this section. {{{Usage by content editors}}} This syntax is mostly used by content editors (or through means of a data-entry plugin that does the work automatically!) to translate a site when there are only a few (2 or 3) languages to be translated. <multi> is therefore more generally used on the content creation side rather than in construction of the templates. If such a <multi> block does not contain an entry for a specified language, then the first entry within that block will be used as the default.

Author Mark Baber Published : Updated : 27/06/10

Translations : English, français, Nederlands