Generic tags

SPIP offers some powerful tools for creating special tags that reflect the context of the page, the current loop, or simply the tag’s name.

It is possible to declare a set of tags with the same prefix, which will then all inherit a common processing.

These types of tags are declared in the ecrire/balise/ directory. They are stored as SOMETHING_.php files.

For example:

  • #LOGO_ to display the logos of an article, a section, etc.: #LOGO_ARTICLE, #LOGO_RUBRIQUE, etc.
  • #URL_ to determine the URL for a SPIP object, such as #URL_MOT within a MOTS loop
  • #FORMULAIRE_ to display a form defined in the /formulaires directory, like the one for #FORMULAIRE_INSCRIPTION

Author Mark Baber Published : Updated : 12/05/17

Translations : English, Español, français, Nederlands