Displaying the form

A file formulaires/joli.html is called from a template file using the syntax #FORMULAIRE_JOLI, which then calls and displays the form. The HTML of the form follows a standard format for all SPIP forms. The fields of the form are surrounded in a list of elements using ul/li HTML markup.
<div class="formulaire_spip formulaire_demo">
<form action="#ENV{action}" method="post"><div>
		<li class="editer_la_demo obligatoire">
			<label for="la_demo">La demo</label>
			<input type='text' name='la_demo' id='la_demo' value="#ENV{la_demo}" class="text" />
	<p class="boutons"><input type="submit" class="submit" value="<:pass_ok:>" /></p>
For the form to work properly, the action attribute must be provided by the #ENV{action} variable which is automatically calculated by SPIP. In the same fashion, the #ACTION_FORMULAIRE{#ENV{action}} tag must be present, as it calculates and adds the security key which will be automatically verified when the form is received. {{A few comments:}} The form is surrounded by a CSS class called formulaire_spip and by a second with its own name, in this case formulaire_demo. The name can be recovered more easily using the context function: #ENV{form} (or directly with #FORM), which could generate: <div class="formulaire_spip formulaire_#FORM">. The <li> mark-up tags are assigned CSS classes of editer_xx, where xx is the field name, and possibly the obligatoire class to indicate (visually) that this field must be provided before submitting the form. -* The input tags are assigned a CSS class appropriate to the each field type (to remediate a deficiency in Internet Explorer with CSS that does not understand input[type=text]) -* The submission buttons are framed with a CSS class of boutons {{Easily employing AJAX}} Surrounding the form’s tag with an "ajax" CSS class tells SPIP to use AJAX, thereby making it possible to reload only the form and not the whole page.
<div class="ajax">

Author Mark Baber Published : Updated : 01/06/10

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