AJAX links

In addition to the includes that contain a pagination mechanism, it is possible to specify links to be reloaded using AJAX by adding the CSS class ajax to those links.

<a class="ajax" href="[(#URL_ARTICLE|parametre_url{tous,oui})]">Show all</a>


<INCLURE{fond=modeles/list_articles}{env}{ajax} />

The file modeles/list_articles.html:
Shows or hides the introduction to articles:

<BOUCLE_art(ARTICLES){!par date}{0,5}>
	<a class="ajax" href="[(#SELF|parametre_url{afficher_introduction,''})]">Hide the introductions</a>
	<a class="ajax" href="[(#SELF|parametre_url{afficher_introduction,oui})]">Show the introductions</a>

Author Mark Baber Published : Updated : 12/03/23

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