The sql_updateq() function is used to update content in an SQL table. The content passed to the function is automatically filtered. Its 6 arguments are the same as for sql_update(): -# $table is the SQL table in question, -# $exp contains the modifications to be made, -# $where, -# $desc, -# $serveur, -# $option. It is used as shown below:
sql_updateq('table', array('column' => $value), 'id_table=' . intval($id_table));


The modifier_contenu() function in ecrire/inc/modifier.php is called when an editorial object is modified, and takes care of calling the pre_edition and post_edition pipelines, using the sql_updateq() function to update the collected data:
sql_updateq($spip_table_objet, $champs, "$id_table_objet=$id", $serveur);

Author Mark Baber Published : Updated : 12/05/17

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