The sql_allfetsel() functions retrieves an array with all of the results of a selection. It accepts the same parameters as the sql_select() function and is a combined short-cut to replace calling sql_select() and sql_fetch_all(). As it stores all of the results in a PHP array, be careful not to exceed the memory limit allowed to PHP if you are dealing with large data volumes. It accepts 9 parameters: -# $select, -# $from, -# $where, -# $groupby, -# $orderby, -# $limit, -# $having, -# $serveur, -# $option. The sql_allfetsel() function is used as shown below:
$all = sql_allfetsel('column', 'table');
// $all[0]['column'] is the column in the first line retrieved


Select all of the objet / id_objet pairs associated with a particular document:
if ($liens = sql_allfetsel('objet, id_objet', 'spip_documents_liens', 'id_document=' . intval($id))) {
	foreach ($liens as $l) {
		// $l['objet'] and $l['id_objet']
The "Contact avancé" plugin selects all of the emails for the recipients of a message as shown below:
// Retrieve who it was sent to
$destinataire = _request('destinataire');
if (!is_array($destinataire)) {
	$destinataire = array($destinataire);
$destinataire = array_map('intval', $destinataire);
$mail = sql_allfetsel('email', 'spip_auteurs', sql_in('id_auteur', $destinataire));

Author Mark Baber Published : Updated : 02/06/10

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