Processes in the autoriser() function

SPIP’s default authorisations are made using the ecrire/inc/autoriser.php file. When SPIP is requested for an autoriser($faire, $type) type authorisation, it goes to look for a function to handle this requested authorisation. It looks for the named function in the following order: -* autoriser_$type_$faire, -* autoriser_$type, -* autoriser_$faire, -* autoriser_defaut, -* and then the same list with the _dist suffix attached.


Will return the first function found and execute it. This being:
function autoriser_article_modifier_dist($faire, $type, $id, $qui, $opt){
The function is passed the same parameters as the autoriser() function. Inside it, $qui is passed the current author if an author was not passed as an argument in the call to autoriser().

Author Mark Baber Published : Updated : 12/05/17

Translations : English, français, Nederlands